Overview of inclusive education

Empower every student with an inclusive classroom Points Microsoft Description This course is designed for educators of all subject areas who want to empower students to utilize tools to unlock their full potential by addressing a diversity of needs.

Overview of inclusive education

The high cost of school failure and inequity for individuals, and for society more widely is increasingly being recognised across Europe.

Overview of inclusive education

Raising the achievement of all learners is seen not just as a policy initiative, but also as an ethical imperative. The 'Raising the Achievement of All Learners in Inclusive Education' project aimed to provide evidence of effective practice in raising achievement and building the capacity of schools and communities to include and support all learners.

The key questions for the project were: How can school leaders best support: Participants The Raising Achievement project involved a range of stakeholders including school leaders, researchers, teachers, parents and learners, as well as local and national policy makers.

The Agency member countries involved in the project were: Read more about project activities here. These outputs draw on information from the findings of the RA project, relevant work and research in member countries, as well as and other Agency work.

A project conceptual framework and terminology paper.

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This paper contains the definitions of key terms and concepts used in the RA project. Individual countries' approaches to raising achievement. Information on participating countries' policy and practice for raising achievement was collected via the RA project survey.

This information will be available online in the form of 22 detailed individual country reports. A project overview report: Raising the Achievement of all Learners in Inclusive Education: Lessons from European Policy and Practice.

This report provides an overview of the RA project. It outlines policy and practice in many of the participating Agency member countries.

It also discusses the particular challenges that countries raised, with reference to both recent literature and project findings. Finally, it makes some recommendations to address these challenges Raising the Achievement of All Learners: This resource includes materials to be used in local level for school self-evaluation and in considering the support needed from the national policy context.

An Overview of Inclusion

This international literature review provides background information to support the development of evidence-based strategies and promote innovation in schools.

Key Actions for Raising Achievement: Guidance for teachers and leaders. This guidance provides materials which aim to increase the schools' capacity to raise the achievement of all learners.

The materials can be used by school leaders and teachers to plan and develop effective leadership approaches as well as quality teaching, learning and assessment strategies at whole-school and classroom levels.Overview Paper: Beyond the Millennium Development Goals: Towards an OECD contribution to the post agenda.

This overview paper outlines a preliminary proposal for a contribution to the post era which reflects the OECD mission of supporting governments in designing “better policies for better lives”. LIFE.

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Living Independently For Elders. An individualized healthcare solution designed to keep your loved ones at home. Call Today to Learn More at () LIFE (). Inclusion, in education refers to the a model wherein special needs students spend most or all of their time with non-special (general education) needs students.

It arises in the context of special education with an individualized education program or plan, and is built on the notion that it is more effective for students with special needs to have said mixed experience for them to be more. OVERVIEW OF INCLUSIVE. EDUCATION IN SSA The interventions under SSA for inclusive education are identification.

research. For instance.

Creating a dynamic learning environment

Most children with special needs can be enrolled and retained in regular schools if adequate resource support is provided to them.

whereas there are others who might have to be provided some kind of pre-integration vilakamelia.com Welcome to the Raising Achievement web area!

The high cost of school failure and inequity for individuals, and for society more widely is increasingly being recognised across Europe. Unlock limitless learning for your students Every educator wants to see their students succeed in learning and in life.

Microsoft Education provides the tools to create an inclusive classroom and personalise the learning for every student, enabling them to become more self-directed, confident learners.

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